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However, before I could start to ponder about this, the knights found me. They had noticed me when I escaped and rode after me. This time, there was no escape, no battle. They caught me. There was a mage in brown clothes who accompanied them. He just had to wave his hand and I couldn't move anymore. I was helpless, when they enchained me. The mage had a short talk with one of the knights before he and half of the knights were on their way. The knights said, there was someone who wanted to talk with me. I was thinking about this capture, when I suddenly heard noises and looked up.

From far away, I could see light.

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A tall figure, bearing a torch, was coming my way. I could already hear the heavy armor from afar. When he came closer, I noticed the dark armor he was wearing and knew who it was. It was the very person I had been brought to after the knight captured me. I had never seen anyone else with this armor. It was black with some golden ornaments on it, but that wasn't all of it.

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Dark magic. He put the torch aside and looked at me. The torch allowed me to see his face. It was completely cold. He didn't say a single word, he just looked at me. I wasn't scared of him — unlike the Imperials. I had heard several tales about him, claiming that he was the most intimidating, living Human. But I was no Imperial, I grew up among Orcs. Orcs don't fear their enemies. He didn't reply.

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Instead, however, he opened my cell and entered. From this close, I could see how tall he was. Had he been an Orc, he would still be tall in comparison to others. Even taller than my foster father. You should run, you cannot hope to have the power to withstand them! He smiled. He came closer and as much as I tried to deny it, his presence started to intimidate me.

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I blamed some spell of his armor. He removed his helmet and came closer until his face was almost touching mine. I could've tried to use this opportunity to try and kill him to escape, but I couldn't do it. I had to listen to what he told me next, what he whispered in my ear. I had to listen to the dark and sinister secrets, that he told me. My eyes widened, the longer I listened to him,the less horrified and the more fascinated I was by this secrets. He whispered of things, unable to describe. I forgot everything I had known, he was filling my mind with things so monstrous and so wunderful at the same time, I couldn't have dreamt of.

He talked for hours and the more I listened to him, the more obsessed I became with learning more. More knowledge, more power, there was nothing else I could think about. I completely forgot everything else. It didn't matter anymore that I was imprisoned, it didn't matter that he should've been my enemy, I just wanted power and knowledge, no matter how dangerous it was, I WANTED it. When he stopped talking, I begged him to continue. He told me, that he would tell me more next time we met, but also that he had to go now. Then, he just left. I knew that he had changed me.

He had darkened my thoughts by simply talking with me.

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Sometimes, I could still hear his whispers afterwards. The moment he left, I forsake all the plans Rangul had. There was only one thing left in my mind: Power. I longed for it. It was like an addiction and I wanted to see it satisfied.

Hive 2: The Spawning

I would find my own ways of gaining power and then seek him out again. Shar Dundred , May 6, Joined: Apr 6, Messages: Resources: 0. Kasrkin , May 6, Joined: Mar 28, Messages: 2, Resources: 0. Joined: Dec 19, Messages: Resources: 0. Good Job Shar and Kas! DD Mikasa , May 6, Joined: Sep 24, Messages: 1, Resources: 0.

Uuuu, nice. MogulKahn , May 6, Review TIME!

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You have done a decent work in the heros skillsets exluding Saphira and Largoth in my oppinion Largoth skill set was just "meh" You could have done a better work on that. However not that much work on the rest of the tech tree. We just got a new toy to play with the Frozen Ghosts they were really helpfull tho about the Legionares they are just overused unites. We were doing all this erands THEN hell breaks lose Ardion had a spy within Demon army,there is another powerfull being that can really mess up Ardion plans,Largoth makes a run for it and betrays Ardion and to top it off even Ardion fails to forsee the Demon army invasion which leads me to question his abilitys to see the future.

Bugs -In chapter four even tho i had no cheats on the Demon slaves army still could find my hidden mine the one at the left of your base and destroy it with the gryphons -Chapter four on of the heros did not drop a "Life" artifact DD Mikasa , May 7, Kasrkin , May 8, Joined: May 9, Messages: Resources: 0. Admiral Proudmoore , May 8, Joined: Nov 14, Messages: 64 Resources: 0.

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I'm playing in easy mode and found out that enemies do rebuild lost buildings. I recall in the very first mission against the orcs and in the sea battle chapter against both humans and orcs. Easy mode isn't that "easy".

In the first mission, it is difficult to siege the orc base because they train units so fast you can barely attack the buildings. I can't imagine how it must be in higher difficulties. Last edited: May 8, KingLich , May 8, Joined: Mar 7, Messages: Resources: 0. Imperator , May 8, Generally, the terrain was not really well done.

Let's say it was mediocre. Sometimes the tile variation and the doodads were used well yet most of the times it was not like that. The thing that disappoints me most is the heavy restriction of the terrain. Due to the large use of Blizzard cliffs, the battling area is very limited.