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Blessed Be! You seem to have gotten us confused with the Wiccan coven down the road.

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You seem to have gotten us confused with the Wiccan coven down the road, too. But all the gods are one God, and all the goddesses are one Goddess! I insist that you take sides in the latest overblown squabble in the Neopagan community. When the Neopagan community makes up its mind about whatever it is, though, please do let us know. Polytheists are horrible god-abusers who force the gods into tiny little boxes.

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Ceremonial magic is all about dominating, commanding, and abusing spirits. Tell us, do you also believe that witches all worship Satan? The two stereotypes are about equally accurate. You should just let me in at my current exalted rank. Thank you, but I think you want the cheap credential mill down the road.

Just tell me how to join. The first requirement is reading the Membership page. Oh, and some basic manners would help, too. We wish you the best of luck somewhere else.

One of the requirements of learning magic is being able to read, understand, and follow basic instructions. We recommend that you try practicing that for a while before attempting anything more complicated. Have you considered reading this website and The Celtic Golden Dawn , and then emailing the office if you have any further questions? My grandmother was a third degree member of an otherwise undocumented Druid Golden Dawn order and so I outrank you all. My magical rituals are far more powerful than anything you teach.

Tell you what—you can write your own book, get it published, launch your own website, start your own order, and wait for the adoring crowds to show up, without bothering with us!

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The insert one: Druids or Golden Dawn are a bunch of baby-murdering Satan worshippers—it says so right here in the Bible. It does, however, say some very pointed things about bearing false witness against your neighbors.

We have no problem with atheists, but we do expect members of our Order to treat one another with basic courtesy. You need to grow up and stop believing in primitive superstitions like magic. Au contraire, you need to grow up and stop believing that we care what you think about magic—or, or that matter, anything else. See our answer to the previous tantrum.

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