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But the wedding cupcakes were supposed to be decorated as well, so I needed a vegan fondant recipe. The main reason why most other homemade fondant recipes cannot be considered vegan is because they contain gelatin or marshmallows as thickeners. One vegan alternative is agar agar.

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I bought this agar agar powder at the Asian food store. After doing a little bit of research, I found out that the icing sugar brands available to me at the major grocery stores use bone char charcoal from animal bones in the refining process. I learnt that there are different types of glycerin, some of which are derived from animal fat. So definitely do your research on the type of glycerin you are using. You may have noticed that the fondant is not pure white.

That is alright for me as I am going to color it anyway to make fondant animals. I figured out that the reason for the off-white color is the organic icing sugar. When I made the same recipe substituting my regular icing sugar, then the fondant was white. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.

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Drop me a line if you did or share your results via a comment below. And — as I mentioned above already — if you are a vegan dessert lover or simply want more vegan cake recipes in your arsenal, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Have Your Cake and Vegan Too: 50 Dazzling and Delicious Cake Creations.

Thank you for this recipe. Unfortunately, it started to melt and slip off the cake as it stood out on the counter. Once it was put in the fridge it stayed put.

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Thank you. I used this recipe today and kneaded in the food coloring as you suggested it came out amazing thank you!!! Which ones are you having trouble finding? I get agar agar from a local Asia food store. Glycerin from the craft store in the cake decorating section.

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Vegan powdered sugar from the health food store or the natural food section of the grocery store. Liyana, if you have vegetarian gelatin powder available to you I would definitely try it. I have never seen vegetarian gelatin that why I used agar agar. Thanks i was able to find agar agar powder. I am using the fondant to make a figure.

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Would it be better to add gum tex once the fondant is made or mix it along with the sugar so that its evenly distributed. If you are only making figure from it, you can add the gum right when mixing the sugar in. Maybe use a little less than you would usually use.

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You can always add more but taking it out is harder. Hi Priyanka, I am not familiar with agar agar strips, but the amount of water needed kind of depends on how long the agar agar takes to dissolve anyway. I would start with just enough to cover your strips and add more water as needed. Add more water when the agar is still not fully dissolved but the water is evaporating. Hi, Were you successful in using the agar agar strips as I am unable to locate the powder form.

And how much of the strips do you use instead of the powder. Thank you for this recipe with agar, I never had the guts to just try, always something better to do, and the fluctuations in the Indian weather are such that you have to tweak your recipes all the time because and I need an even paste to work with. However, in a pinch, this will be perfect for me!!!

I was wondering if boiling the agar would be needed, as it only really activates once boiled, then it gets fiddly with cooling times and amounts of water, but I guess I really need to get on with it and try!!! Different results are brought on by ambient humidity and basically different products, a soft paste needs more sugar, a hard paste needs more syrup and or glycerine. Little by little is key. For those who are looking for a vegan ready made option, Satinice is what I use here. Thank you so much for your detailed comment Elsa!

You are absolutely right, it is impossible to give exact instructions that will work for everyone with something so delicate as fondant. Right now I live in a very dry prairie climate, so things will vary a lot from someone who lives in tropical humidity. Regarding heating the agar. First I soak it in water and then heat it on very low heat to dissolve. I think boiling will not speed up the process because the water just evaporates before the agar dissolves.

Continuous low heat is what worked for me to dissolve the agar into the water. Hello — Thank you for the vegetarian fondant recipe. I was looking for one. What role does Glycerin play in this? Is that something I can skip? I live in Bengaluru South India and unsure where I would buy glycerin from. Hi Jayashree, glycerin helps with the elasticity of the fondant. It also keeps it moist. Sometimes you can find glycerin from your pharmacy just make sure it is food-safe. Yes, you are absolutely right Shabana. Hi Regina, I am probably going to try this out sometime, but I was also wondering if I could add in marshmallows to the fondant, I am wondering if I am able to do this with this same recipe, and if so, how much marshmallows to put in?

Thanks, Ashia. Hi Ashia, regular marshmallows contain gelatin and are therefore NOT vegan.

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There are vegan marshmallows out there but I have never tried them, especially not for fondant making. From other commenters I heard they store it for weeks at room temperature and for months even in the fridge. I myself have stored unused fondant in the fridge for weeks and it was good.

I made figurines a couple weeks ahead of time and stored them in air-tight containers at room temperature.

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They also were fine. So I would say 4 weeks at room temp and up to 3 months in the fridge. Hi Regina! Thanks for the awesome recipe! I had saved this recipe almost 3 to 4 months back and wanted to try it at the earliest convience.