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It's at Ommwriter.

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If you use a pc, a similar program that I've heard recommended is Q10, at www. You can get more info at www. ShrinkMatic - a free program that easily resizes images, for instance for use in a blog. You type in the size you want it to be and then drag and drop the image into the Shrink-o-Matic window and it does it automatically.

This has been a big time-saver for me with my blogs. You'll find it at www. Blurts - this is one I'm just experimenting with.

Une histoire de famille.

It allows you to record up to 30 seconds and creates a link to your recording that you can add to a blog post or email or photo. Like this one which will also take you to the sign-up site :. I also recommend my book, "Focus: use the power of targeted thinking to get more done," published by Pearson and available from Amazon and your other favorite online and offline booksellers.

More information and free resources at www. When Hardy told a friend about this, the friend pointed out that it is relatively easy for Sir Richard to turn down the money because he already has plenty, but that the rest of us would find it difficult to resist that temptation even if we had decided to focus on other things. Hardy's response:. Hey, he started out with nothing like the rest of us. Where's your focus right now? What temptations are nibbling away at it? Is it time to say 'no' to a few things? There are lots of useful tips for staying on course, in my book "Focus: Use the power of targeted thinking to get more done.

You can order it from Amazon or your other favorite online or offline bookseller.

There's more information at www. The core idea of the book is that you should be doing only what you do best. You need to outsource the rest. In fact, eventually it will turn into a crisis. I recently attended a seminar led by Laurel Langemeier, a financial management guru who has appeared on the top TV talk shows.

Her advice was to hire a housekeeper as soon as possible, to free up your time for the things you do best. Of course many people say they can't afford this. Langmeier's retort is that if you can't earn more than a housekeeper doing what you do best, it's time to get a different line of work.

Figure out what you can outsource to free up more time to write. Would it make sense to have a cleaning person come in once a week or maybe once every two weeks?

Focus: Use the power of targeted thinking to get more done, 2nd Edition

Could that person also do your laundry and ironing? What about other chores? Consider hiring a student who wants to pick up a bit of extra money. Figure out what parts of your writing you can outsource. For instance, research. I used a service called Hire My Mom. She did a great job, too. If you conduct interviews and have been transcribing them yourself, that's an easy one to outsource.

I used fiverr. However, the person I used for that, from fiverr, said she'd underestimated how long it would take and now is raising her prices. But even at double that, it would be a bargain. You may not be making any money from your writing yet. You may be working on a proposal or a novel to submit to publishers, with no guarantee that you'll be paid. I encourage you to have faith in yourself and your writing. If necessary, cut back somewhere else in order to come up with the funds required to outsource tasks that give you more time to write.

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It may or may not pay off financially, but at the very least it will give you more time to do what you love. That's a great payoff in itself. For more practical tips and friendly support, see my book, "Your Writing Coach," and consider signing up for my Writing Breakthrough Strategy Program--see www. Neary points out, "Though Petterson often returns to the same themes or concepts -- family, loss -- his books are never driven by plot. Petterson draws the reader in with his spare, eloquent use of language. Its rhythms force the reader to slow down, to pay attention.

When you are a sentence-based writer they have to be good, they have to be really on the spot. Because when you don't have a plot what will you rely on? Just language. For tips on writing a good book of any kind, see my book "Your Writing Coach. For more tips, also see www. One is Colin Harrison pictured , who spent five years working on a novel nobody wanted. Later he was glad, because he realized it was not good. But it cleared the way for better writing and led to "Break and Enter," the first of his seven very successful novels.

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Jessica Francis Kane spent even longer--ten years--on her first novel and it did get published. The article points out, "Though there is no formula for a successful first novel, the writers who make it through tend to be mulish, or obsessed with a single event or idea. It takes a certain kind of bull-headed, determined person who probably has other ways of being conventionally successful to stay the course quietly without external recognition. I've mentioned before that my feature film, "The Real Howard Spitz," took 13 years to get made, although it did get optioned a number of times during that long wait.

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At the moment I have a novel with a publisher who expressed interest after seeing the outline and first few chapters and now is considering the full manuscript. If movie writing interests you, also see my other blog, www. If you haven't been following along, go back to the first post for more information on the 80 20 rule and how it could benefit you. Ross rated it liked it May 23, Candence Myrick rated it liked it Feb 06, KHaleD Alghamdi rated it liked it Aug 04, Diner Ismail rated it liked it Aug 01, Bryson rated it liked it Jul 12, K rated it it was ok Oct 18, Pedro Caramez rated it really liked it Dec 25, Tod rated it liked it Jul 09, Bri Rivers rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Mr S rated it liked it Mar 26, Joshua rated it liked it Feb 02, Jiri Mocicka rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Adarju rated it liked it Jan 10, Team Results rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Ronnie rated it liked it Jul 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. Jurgen Wolff is a writer and creativity and writing coach who divides his time between London and Southern California.

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He teaches screenwriting at the Raindance Film Festivals and in workshops around the world. His other sites include: www. Trivia About Focus: The Power No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Focus shows you how to direct energy without distraction to the key tasks that lead you to success. Using these recent discoveries in time management, like how to achieve a state of flow that can lead to maximum achievement in minimum time, Focus will show you how you can move swiftly towards your most important goals. He's also written many articles, including a personal development column for the Times Educational Supplement.

He teaches workshops on personal development, time management, creativity, and writing around the world.