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Design of Prestressed Concrete to AS3600-2009

Apply the strands automatically with the reinforcement pattern and get an automatic detailed report of the internal forces and Eurocode check. In this training material, we are showing the analysis and design of a prestressed concrete precast element, as well as fire calculations carried out in PRE-Stress 6. This video material included in the playlist is intended to be used along with a course material that can be found in the Documents section. Get started now.


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  6. Analysis and Design of Prestressed Concrete Sleeper.

Other inquiries. Features and benefits Design most types of prestressed elements. Strand Pattern Manager Use the Strand Pattern Manager to load either a normal pattern-file or a master pattern file with all possible strand positions for a casting bed in a specific factory.

Recess beam design After a successful code control, it is possible to design the recesses in the ends of the beam. Anchorage of prestressing strands The design of anchorage reinforcement is performed if the section is cracked in the anchorage zone and the results will be shown along with any splitting, spalling and bursting reinforcement if needed. Load combination generator Load cases for dead loads are automatically generated for the element and any topping, if present.

Splitting, spalling and bursting of concrete beams PRE-Stress checks and designs are special end reinforcement stirrups with regard to splitting and spalling.


Fire Design Fire design can be performed for concrete elements according to Eurocode 2, with complementary code EN for hollow-core members. Engineers, architects, designers, contractors, developers, Inspectors and other building professionals in both private and public practice will benefit. This course will provide an exposure to young scientists, research scholars and teachers at the universities and private engineering colleges.

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What is Prestressed Concrete?

GIAN Course on Advanced Prestressed Concrete for Modern Buildings and Bridges Background Prestressed concrete is used extensively in bridges, multistory buildings and many other important parts of today's modern infrastructure. There are more savings on the cost when the section is allowed to crack.

Stress at jacking end controlled the optimum design for long spans, while the shear strength requirement controlled the design for short spans. Thamer , Information Technology Journal, 1: DOI: Full Name:. Online First. Current Issue.