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I photographed her photos with my phone. It was fun to write the story, taking those places and reinventing them, with new ecologies and geothermal systems and, I hope, interesting characters. Penn does everything he can for his ailing daughter, including traveling across worlds in search of relief from her symptoms. Maurizio was kind enough to share with me and grant permission for me to share here , the original image and his study work for the birds themselves.

The images capture the story so well. I have made my final entry into the Writers of the Future Contest. Writers of the Future is perhaps the premier writing contest for non-professional speculative writers. So often feeling so close.

Asimov's Science Fiction, September by Sheila Williams

This thing is over. I would have liked to join them well, I still have this one last shot, right? Flipside: I feel elated. Taking those non-winning stories and other stories and sending them to other markets. Writing and learning and sending off and writing some more. This is the third of my stories editor Sheila Williams has selected, and it continues to be a humbling honor.

Bud Sparhawk

A disadvantage of living halfway around the world. The prize went to Garth Nix, a lauded and celebrated writer. Click here for The Molenstraat Music Festival. As I went I continued to enter the contest. I kind of like that, without blowing my own trumpet too much or have I already done that? That's one thing. But escaping from utopia? That's another matter altogether.

A Hole in the Ether by Benjamin Crowell —Living in a world where intellectual property law has metastasized and is now the only thing that matters, a small family preserves the last free library left on earth. I don't understand why various cities and populations were getting destroyed throughout the story, but that's a minor nit about a minor point in the story. The main point, the struggle to preserve art from commercialism, was very good. What would that do to your relationships and the whole structure of society? In this story, a seventeen year old boy faces exactly that choice as he struggles to figure out who he is, where he came from, and where he's going in a multicultural society that highly values heritage.

This is one of the best and most thought provoking stories I've read in a long time. I found myself agreeing with points on both sides of the argument to implant or not to implant and I still don't know which way I'd go if I had to make the decision. Not a movie actor but a book actor. Someone who appears in different books as different characters, according to the whim of the author. He faces a tough transition as he's forced to move on from his longtime genre and tackle the Western. On Not Dying of the Light by Sheila Williams —This is a familiar feeling old school science fiction magazine editorial.

This some Lord of the Flies type shit?

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The man shakes its head. Carver Seven thinks hard. Then his subroutines dredge up the sound unit the man used to wail at the sea, used to punctuate long rambling speeches with.

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The man agrees to repair Carrier Three if Carver Seven will help him build a raft to leave the island. Meanwhile, Recycler tells the rest of the robots of a blasphemy that the man has uttered about their life-giving sun the robots are largely solar powered. I may have scored this one lower than I should have. This spoiler-ish story description follows is about two young students, Lita and Rob, who meet at university in the future. Rob is the self-contained bright young thing and Lita, initially at least, is in his shadow.

Rob studies astrophysics while her course is in the very niche field of analogue literature:.

Invariably, they were disappointed. Why the hell, I remember some kid shouting in a seminar, should I accept all the miserable shit that this Hardy guy rains down on his characters? In time their friendship deepens and they end up sharing a house with others.

Rob takes Lita to one of the university labs and shows her a diffraction-slit experiment and goes on to explain his obsession with the many worlds theory. Later, Lita introduces him to the field of analogue literature and, initially, their tastes largely coincide:.

Asimov Hour - September 12, 2016

And, even as he tried to lead me with him, I could see their point. Much of the prose was less than luminous, the characterization was sketchy, and, although a great deal of it was supposedly about the future, the predictions were laughably wrong. That, and a sense of wonder.

To him, wonder was particularly important. I could sometimes—maybe as that lonely astronaut passed through the stargate, or with those huge worms in that book about a desert world—see his point. But most of it simply left me cold. After they leave university and go their own ways they still keep in touch by meeting in a virtual bar modelled on the one they used to frequent; occasionally they also meet in person.

While Lita gets a job as an ideas person in media company Rob ends up completing a series of physics research contracts while all the time trying to get the money and resources for the many worlds theory he is obsessed with:. Later, Lita uses Rob as a presenter in a science documentary series where he finally accumulates enough money and fame to quit and pursue his experiment. At the end of the story she joins Rob on the island and they wait for the wait for the gravitational waves from one black hole colliding with another to reach the multiple data observation points that Rob has set up.

Also, unlike the SF described in one of the quotes above, the prose is elegant—and yes, at times luminous—and it has that rare British voice that you seldom hear in SF nowadays.